Corporate social responsibility

In ALPHA THERM we always operate and work keeping in mind that the  corporate   activity develops in parallel with society. Therefore, our company conform with the society and develops as part of it and its needs. At the same time is obliged to direct part of its development to sectors which are in need of support.

Thus, having as aim the operation in harmony with society, ALPHA THERM estimate the Corporate Social Responsibility issues as high-priority of the progress and operation.

The company is engaged into 3 key sectors for the practical application of the Corporate Social Responsibility principles:


  • Rational and effective use of natural resources
  • Recycling systems application (scrap and garbage recycling, such as paper and plastic – all product materials are recyclable)
  • Establishment of pollution prevention programs (chemical process of liquid waste from which results pure irrigation water)
  • Tree planting of more than 250 trees in the perimeter of the factory’s plot and their irrigation with water resulting from the chemical cleaning of the liquid waste.

Human Resources

  • Hygiene and safety in the workplace
  • Creative and rewarding work environment
  • Equal opportunities for work and professional evolution without discrimination
  • Respect of the fundamental human rights
  • Assistance and support to disabled people


  • Complete information, marking and certification of its products
  • Safety assurance for our products and services as well as quality assurance
  • After sales service
  • Responsibility and social consciousness
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