Solar systems


Solar Systems

Solar Systems

We manufacture a big variety of solar system solutions and there are options from 120L, 150L, 200L and 300l, combined with solar collectors in various dimensions in order to meet all of our clients’ needs and the required energy demand.

All types of solar water heaters can be equipped with an electric resistance with a safety thermostat as an extra (auxiliary) source for the system.

In the following table you can find all the different combinations of boilers and collectors and you can choose whether you would like to install the system to a flat or inclined roof.

 Boiler (lt)
 Collector/s  ( m2 )
Flat or Inclined roof
1 x 2.00
1 x 2.00
1 x 2.37
2 x 1,50
1 x 2.00
1 x 2.37
2 x 1,50
2 x 2.00
2 x 2.00
2 x 2.37
1 x 2.37

Advantages of thermosiphonic solar systems of Alpha Therm:

• Top quality raw materials ensure a long service life and high environmental compatibility.
• Wide range of thermosiphon versions including systems certified according to SOLAR KEYMARK.
• Compact construction for easy transport and installation.
• Glass double WET enamel process, firing at 860°C double walled (with jacket heat exchanger) boilers with optimized heat insulation and durable external cover for maximum protection in seaside areas.
• Collectors with high selective absorbers (in copper or aluminum) are available.
• Optimum energy transfer between the absorbing surfaces and the water frame thanks to LASER and ULTRASONIC welding technology.
• Collectors are equipped with special thermal insulation, and safety-tempered, low iron solar glass with transparency 91.5%.
• The support structures are durable and ideal for installation on flat roofs and in inclined roofs or tiled roofs.
• Customized solutions for installations in areas that affected by hurricanes.
• High quality close circuit connection kit including reliable accessories for easy and safe installation.
• Top quality spare parts, stainless Steel pipe and Insulation with UV protection.
• ΟΕΜ solutions for traders and manufacturers.

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